“It’s a Family Tradition”


Treasure Chest Thursday

Here it is Thursday and some how I have been wishing the week away without realizing it.  Do you ever have those weeks that you just seem off.  Not once but three times yesterday I mistakingly thought it was Thursday.  No please the last thing I need is this week to be over.  I have a ton of things to do, my calendar is busier than usual with at least two to three things each day for the next five days and the most overwhelming is get ready for Spring Break.

I am not complaining though the sun is out, though it is a little brisk, the day is going to be beautiful.  Beautiful days make everything seem better because when the sun is shining, it is just easier to smile.

Today is my dad’s birthday and my dad has always been a great role model and support for me.  We will not be celebrating this year with him as he and my mom are off on an adventure.  They are somewhere in Texas celebrating on a dude ranch.  In honor of his birthday, I thought I would pull out a favorite that reminds me of my dad.

Remember I said in my “let’s have mixture” post I have become more southern as I age. Well indeed I have, but my roots have always been there.  Dad grew up on a farm in a small Tennessee town. A true southern boy born and bred.  Though never had grits until I was 25, and I was never and will never eat  vegetables that have been cooked to a slow death.  I did enjoy a few southern traditions… Fried Okra has always been a favorite.

Truth be known I never ate okra any other way  (see family is great I did not know okra could be done anyway but fried and who eats cookie dough that has actually been cooked.) When I began cooking for myself I started trying okra in a variety of ways.  I really enjoy grilling the little green things, but fried food is never bad at least in how it taste.  As my dad has always said “a little grease never hurt…everyone needs some grease some time.”

Fried Okra may not be the healthiest way to include this vegetable in your diet, but okra has some great health benefits.  A serving of okra is approximately 1 cup.  In that one  cup you only take in 33 calories (depending on the preparation) but you gain 10% of your recommended Fiber intake, 27% of Vitamin C intake, and 11% of your Folate for a day.

So Happy Birthday Dad! This one is for you

Fried Okra (Dad’s) Style

Dad was the cook when it came to foods like this and he would get out his trusted cast iron skillet, a kitchen staple that every southern cook owns.  A staple I have learned to love over the past five years.  This recipe, or lack of one is definitely coming from a treasure chest.  It is one of those foods that has been passed down from his mother and grandmother, but it is word of mouth no true recipe.

I do not recall any batter being used he simply cut the okra in 1/2″ -1″ inch thick slices and tossed them in the hot oil of a cast iron until they we nice and crispy. Often there was some diced onion tossed in as well or the okra was added to another southern favorite fried potatoes and it was all served together.


Simple Southern Goodness.

Does your family have recipes like this or foods you prepare that just get done out of tradition? I can hear it in my head now ” I’m just carryin’ on an old family tradition”

Sorry no pictures of my own as I am anxiously awaiting Okra to come into season.  In our house nowadays we eat okra in a variety of ways.  Wait until this girl fires up the grill and tosses them on whole.

*photo borrowed from bfeedme.com




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