Which side of the Seder Plate?

Let's Have Mixture

Can the Easter Bunny visit next weekend we have an early soccer game that is causing a conflict?

Why don’t we petition to move Thanksgiving to a Saturday then schools would not have to work around the holiday break.

Here we are on spring break and there are tons of tweets and post on Facebook reflecting two important holidays this week. I have seen some amazing Passover recipes and some delicious Easter desserts and menu plans.

As I mentioned in my first post, I was brought up in an interfaith household and raised to make my own decisions on religion. I married into a Jewish family, though from the very beginning their Jewishness struck me as not quite the norm. I think my Jewish Southern Baptist small town upbringing might have been more jewish. I lit candles at hanukkah and on occasion candles burned for Sabbath and our Friday night…

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