Monday Mixture – Meatless Monday

OMG is it really the last weekend in April.  Where has this year gone and more to the point where did spring go.  The temperatures this weekend were perfect for some outdoor fun and exercise and it was nice to enjoy as it may have been the calm before the storm in lots of ways.  The forecast this week does include quite a bit of rain and chance of showers, but we are fast approaching May and to those of us with kids this month may be busier than back to school.  The activities are ending, summer swim team practice begins which overlaps the dance recitals, and the parties – PTA, volunteer appreciation, teacher appreciation, and the list goes on.

With such a busy month ahead meals take some planning to ensure we have quick and easy items on those extra busy days and nights. To help my readers because that is my mission to spread easy, healthy meals and ideas so when we want to indulge we can here is what we are eating.

1. Our week in food or at least the remainder of the week after my return from Florida.

WednesdayNorth African Chicken Couscous with Kale Salad

Thursday – Breakfast for Dinner. This is one of our easy meal nights and because we did not have much Matzo during Passover we actually had Matzo Brei and fruit salad.

Friday – Tacos made from scratch (look for the recipe this week)

Saturday – Spinach, Strawberry & Grilled Chicken Salad

Sunday – Steak, Roasted Beets, and Tomato Mozzerella Salad.

Oh I do love fresh easy meals that the spring summer produce allow for.

2.  It is STRAWBERRY season!  The local farms are opening for fresh pick it yourself.  I not only enjoy supporting the local farms, but it is a fun activity and so nice to know where your food came from and how it got to your table. 1st pick of the season

3. Growing your own food – for the past five years I have planted a small amount of herbs and vegetables.  I primarily enjoy the herbs and jalapeños since I find it wasteful at times to purchase the fresh bunches and not always have a use for them.  Fresh herbs are definitely necessary in certain recipes, especially salads.  With the forecast of rain looming for Friday afternoon I quickly planted the items I purchased from a local farm vendor.  Of course it never rained, but they are planted there is more rain in the forecast, and within a few weeks we will enjoy.

Image 1
This years plants – super sweet 100 tomatoes, basil, jalapeños, mint, and basil.

I still have room so Little Miss Mixture may plant one or two to care for this year. Growing your own vegetables, fruit, or herbs is a learning experience for kids as well as a a great way to encourage new taste.





4. New website address.  I changed my website domain to the following address this weekend.

As I continue to explore the blogging world, I am still working on a better format for recipes and making them printable.  If any readers are more experienced than I ( basically anyone blogging longer than a month), I would happily welcome some advice.

5. Sunday splurge – For the past few months we have been talking about going out for breakfast as there are several restaurants in the area that specialize in breakfast and Mr. Mixture and Little Miss Mixture are big breakfast fans.  We finally had a free weekend where the weather was nice enough to withstand the outside wait.

We had a wait but considering the size of the diner type restaurant and the number of people they moved tables quickly.  We waited about 25 minutes and had we been able to decide on our order, we would have been eating even sooner.

Stacks Kitchen, Good Food and Plenty of It as their sign reads lived up to their sign indeed.  None of us were members of the clean plate club, not that we strive for that, but we indulged and it was worth it.  Little Miss Mixture really likes pancakes and waffles, so she was very excited with the offerings that included chocolate and whipped cream along side most of them. The menu provided healthier options substituting whole wheat or getting egg whites in your omelette, but if I go out I am going to enjoy. This is my mantra and I am fine with it. We do not eat out that often and I would rather enjoy it when I do than leave feeling it was just okay or did not live up to what I expected.  That said we all enjoyed a calorie loaded carbohydrate rich breakfast.  Though each plate did include a fresh fruit topping.  It all works out thought as none of us seemed to need anything else to eat until after our visit to the greenway late afternoon. We enjoyed and you can too with your eyes.Image 2

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