Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter

As a family that eats a lot of mixture, obviously we like nuts and as much as I like them plain or tossed into a mixture, I enjoy them roasted, toasted, and flavored as well. Recently I was intrigued by an item at Costco – Coconut Cashews.

Of course I could have purchased them, but I was already purchasing two giant sized containers of cashews, regular and unsalted so why purchase a third container.  I figured I could make my own.  Well I have not yet perfected the recipe for Coconut Cashews as I have made two attempts but each time it has resulted in a great flavor, but the coconut just will not stick.

I have enjoyed my toasted coconut and cashews in yogurt and by the handful, but I am still working on the perfect recipe for coconut cashews.  I have found some recipes online, but I like more natural ingredients when I flavor nuts so I will continue my efforts toward the perfect recipe.

In the meantime I am going to share our new obsession from one of our failed attempts.  What do you do with a cup of toasted cashews and coconut but make it into homemade nut butter.  I am typically not a fan of different nut butters that I have purchased, but this homemade version is quite tasty.  I might have found a new obsession.


Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter

1 cup unsalted or raw cashews or cashew pieces

2 tsp coconut oil

1 Tbsp maple syrup

2 Tbsp honey

3 oz. unsweetened grated coconut

2 tsp honey – reserved

Preheat oven to 325 degrees

Mix all ingredients together and ensuring the cashews are coated. Spread onto a prepared pan or foiled line baking sheet.  Bake for 15-20 minutes until the coconut is lightly browned.  Allow to cool.

Once cool scrape all the coconut and cashews into your food processor.  Add the reserved 2 tsp honey and puree.  Nuts break down in different stages so the process takes a few minutes and may require scraping the sides of the food processor to ensure everything is pureed.


Store in airtight container. Enjoy as a spread on fruit, bread, or mixed into some yogurt or a smoothie.





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