Monday Mixture / Meatless Monday

Let’s Have Mixture is a fitting summary of my week.  In Monday Mixture I like to share what we ate the past week, but due to a last minute trip we had no real menu this week.  Yes we ate as I am not one to forgo meals, but there was a lot of peanut butter and bananas, mixture, and on the go meals.

When I travel by car, I always have my peanut butter and mixture with me and thank goodness because I needed it.  My mixture while traveling this past week consist of cashews, peanuts, dried cranberries, raisins, dried cherries, and sesame sticks.  I had purchased a small bag of Annie’s Cheese Bunny Mixture for Little Miss Mixture to snack on some, so to add variety and crunch that got tossed in with our nuts and dried fruit a couple of times as well.

Mixture Late May

We all have weeks that do not go as planned or when we have to change our plans and this was one of those weeks.  However we are off to a good start for the coming week as I actually made a family breakfast yesterday.  Little Miss Mixture competed in a kids triathlon and I wanted to ensure she had a bigger breakfast and then a light lunch before the event.  Little Miss Mixture loves pancakes, but I did not want something heavy and loaded down with syrup, so I decided to try a german pancake.

I adjusted the recipe slightly so it was not quite as fluffy as some pictures I have seen of German Pancakes, but the taste was just sweet enough and we topped it with a nice serving of berries.

German Pancake


German Pancake


1/2 cup Flour (I used White Wheat Flour)

1/2 cup milk

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons unsalted butter


Heat oven to 400 degrees. Whisk eggs together. Then add flour, milk, salt, and vanilla extract and combine well. Set aside.  Add butter to a large cast iron skillet and place in the oven until the butter melts. Remove skillet from the oven and pour batter into the hot skillet. Return to oven to bake until the pancake is puffed and begins to golden  About 15 minutes.

German PancakeIMG_2919

Top pancake with about 1-2 Tbsp of confectioner sugar and fresh berries.

German Pancake Printable Recipe

2. Not all recipes are winners.  – I just want to make sure my readers know that all these beautiful pictures on pinterest and the different food websites they often take practice. There are things I have tried that just do not work. Last week I tried to alter a recipe to make a healthy nut free snack for Little Miss Mixture. I made three variations each one with a slightly different flavor. While I really liked the flavor the consistency just did not work. They were sticky, flat, and crumbly, so unfortunately I will not be sharing until I work on it more.

3.  BlogHer – I got a very exciting email this week.  Since I started blogging the end of March, I have periodically posted on BlogHer, a website for female bloggers.  I received an email on Wednesday that my It’s a Southern Thing post was picked as a feature on Blogher.  You can visit the post on here or here.

4. The ants ate my Jalapeño – I really enjoy my barrels that I started a couple of years ago as a small area to grown fresh herbs and vegetables.   This year I set up tomatoes, jalapeño and okra, mint and basil, and then some spinach in an additional pot.  I kept noticing small black ants on our back patio and though we took care of the ant problem it appears they have taken care of my jalapeño plant.  Maybe there were ants on the plant when I got it I am not sure.  Now I need to figure out how to get rid of the ants so I can plant something new.  If anyone has experience with taking care of ants without loading the soil with chemicals, please post in my comments.  Thanks

5. 8 School Days Left – Yes I am counting and while this is exciting as I can look forward to some laid back days.  The reality is I only have 8 days left to get things done on my schedule.  So while this week was supposed to be  filled with some cleaning up around the house, running errands, and casually walking around some stores just to have me time.  I am currently making blueberry muffins and waiting for Little Miss Mixture to wake up.  Poor thing was up coughing throughout the night, so we are home today… hoping for a better day and night and 7 days to get things done.

Enjoy your day! Will you be participating in Meatless Monday?  What’s on your menu for dinner?





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