Homemade Cherry Sauce

Well I just keep playing around with the cherries.  I think I am doing this partly because I stocked up and as it seems Little Miss Mixture has been into other fruits this week.  I am not complaining, but remember I had three bags of cherries.  One of our staple breakfast items is a homemade yogurt parfait.  These parfaits are often as simple as yogurt in a bowl topped with a couple strawberry slices and granola.  Other times as they are more like this. Using a homemade fruit sauce, some fresh fruit, and granola nicely layered for all of us to enjoy.  This was our breakfast on the 4th of July.  It consisted of plain greek yogurt, layered with strawberry sauce, blueberries, and granola.  It was a perfectly balanced red, white, and blue meal. IMG_3312   I am the early riser in the house.  Well actually the earliest riser is the dog, who seems to have taken a liking to the six o’clock hour.  Regardless once I am up I am up, so it is just easier to oblige the dog and let her out to play than to listen to her whine.  Besides I have always enjoyed the quiet of the house as a way to start my day – coffee in hand of course.  Since it is summer this is when most of my best writing takes place as it is almost like I have the house to myself. I find I ponder things to make during this time as well, especially on the weekends when I am waiting on others to wake for breakfast.  This past Friday morning Little Miss Mixture was catching up on some much needed sleep and I had several hours to myself.  So, I began to create something with the cherries.  I was not sure when I started what I would use it for, but it occurred to me they would make a great sauce. I saw this recipe and thought about making it.  Until I realized I was missing enough almond butter or sun butter and I make enough things with peanut butter.  I have also wanted to try making an ice cream such as this or this as both sound really good. So being who I am I started tossing things together and came up with this. DSC_0362 Homemade Cherry Sauce/ Topping

1 1/2 Cup Cherries

1/3 cup Maple Syrup

2 Tbsp. Water

Please note the measurements are estimates and could be altered to fit personal flavor. In a small saucepan over medium high heat add all ingredients.  Stir and using a spoon cut the fruit (cherries) in to pieces so as to release the juice in the saucepan. Continue cooking until a rapid boil.  Lower temperature slightly and continue to boil at a slow rate, stirring frequently until the fruit (cherries) and sauce combine and the sauce thickens. * This is the basic recipe I use for making any fruit sauce.  It is simple and uses natural ingredients. Homemade Fruit Sauce has a number of uses such as in a yogurt parfait, in a milkshake, atop a bowl of ice cream, atop pancakes or waffles, or as part of a recipe such as this. IMG_3420IMG_3262DSC_0360


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