Monday’s Mixture

Another not so beautiful summer weekend, but we were busy.  The overcast, dreary with the occasional rain shower days did not damper our plans.  We were lucky since our weekend revolved around two outside sporting events and a pool party.   The rain was limited and not the washout that was forecast.  We did enjoy some time indoors as well.  We had a family movie with a sweet mixture for an afternoon snack.IMG_3697

1. What We Are Eating (August 3 – August 9)

Well this was not a typical week in our household by any means.  In fact our schedule was so busy that we had dinner on the go a couple of nights which meant I really did not cook this week, and when I did I was just off.  We all have those weeks and not every meal or recipe can be a success.  I guess you could say the lazy days of summer finally hit or maybe we are gearing up for the busy fall already.

Sunday – Appetizer Style Meal and Fruit (cheese, crackers, olives, etc.)

Monday – Cheese Tortellini with grilled Zucchini & spinach in a Ricotta Cream Sauce

Tuesday – Salad with Grilled Salmon

Wednesday – Pizza Bagel and Salad, and Chocolate Molten Cakes

Thursday – Mac & Cheese

Friday – Turkey, Cheese, & Spinach Sandwiches on the go

Saturday – Queen City Q @ baseball game

2. Food Trucks – In the past few years a number of food trucks have surfaced in our area.  The movement got my interest as I am always up for trying new food establishments and I enjoy supporting local.  FoodTruck Friday is one of the areas ways of bringing different trucks together for people to try.  This started over a year ago, but we just never seemed to get around to making it.  This summer a new location of food trucks popped up on Wednesdays for lunch.  Half the distance and near Mr. Mixtures office.  I have now visited the food truck rally twice, sampling different food each time. Southpark Eats Alternative, as the rally is called has a different line up of trucks each week.  There are tall bistro tables and tents set up to enjoy your food.

Our lunch this past Wednesday came from Bleu Barn Bistro a truck that specializes in local ingredients and provides a list of area farms and purveyors that are being incorporated into the daily menu.  We enjoyed the Pork Belly tacos with Watermelon Salsa and the Farm House Burger, a grass fed burger with pineapple and chipolte aioli.

3. Go Panthers – 17 years ago I attended a preseason game with Mr. Mixture.  It ended up being a first date.  The weather held out this past Friday and we had a family date night to celebrate.  The stadium has recently gotten some upgrades including these.  Not sure how I feel about this as it definitely feeds into the we are a lazy society idea.

4.  Summer Camp – While most sleep away camps are in the final stretch this week, I am still enjoying reading articles about the cost of camps, visiting day, the required uniforms, and the entire process.  In my reading I have learned that camp is a small fortune or is it a bargain?  I guess it is all in how you look at it.  Be sure to check out the comments on this as well.  See for yourself  I am thinking of asking my parents to send me to camp next summer.

5. Have you tried these for dessert?the-palm-charlotte-doughnuts2_thumb

I am borrowing this photo from a local blogger who reviewed The Palm, and I have to agree with these doughnuts are worth the trip to Palm alone.  That is exactly what we did this past Saturday.  After an evening at the ballpark, we headed to The Palm to end the day on a sweet note.  These cinnamon sugar doughnuts hit the spot.  Thank you for having a picture as I was so excited to have these doughnuts again that I forgot to capture the moment.

Happy 100th Blog Post to me!!!!  Have a great week and look out for some great summer recipes.



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