Monday’s Mixture

It is hear the official end to our summer.  The lazy days of not having a particular plan, not needing an alarm clock.  Of course I was really starting to be ready for fall since the temperatures had not hit 90 this month and we had some wonderful evenings.  The perfect weather to sit outside and enjoy dinner.  But alas that is changing too, as this weeks forecast will be the warmest we have had in weeks.  On a positive the neighborhood pool is still open on the weekends and the temperatures are sure to heat the water back up again.  I can still wear some of those cute summer outfits, and the summer produce is still available in the markets.

1.  What we are Eating (August 10 – August 16)

Sunday – California Burgers, Grilled Okra and Watermelon

Monday – Gnocchi with Spinach and Pine Nuts, Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Tuesday – Any Season Salad

Wednesday  – Super Nachos

Thursday – Low Country Kebabs and Watermelon

Friday  – Srirachi Chicken over Quinoa (Family Fresh Cooking), Roasted Asparagus

Saturday -Squash, Corn, and Green Onion Flatbread

2. Srirachi Chicken over Quinoa – This is one of those recipes I pinned awhile back and keep meaning to add into our weekly menu.  I finally made it and as Marla Meridith says in her post of this recipe “hopefully you can make this ASAP,”  well I am sorry I waited as long as I did.  We will definitely be making it again soon.  We like sauce, so I would probably increase the sauce next time to enjoy the flavor over all the quinoa.  Unlike so many recipes where I increase the spices or heat for our taste this was perfect just the way it is.

3. 2 Ingredient salad– It is Meatless Monday and we had this today.  A simple salad of cottage cheese and fresh heirloom tomatoes.  So simple yet perfect on a hot day when tomatoes have so much flavor.

Image 3 DSC_0314


4.  Ice Bucket Challenge – If you have been anywhere near social media this week, you have seen numerous videos of people taking the ice bucket challenge.  Our family has not yet been called out, but I have enjoyed watching friends, friends of friends, strangers, and celebrities take the challenge.  It is for a good cause and is helping to spread awareness.  But can we talk about how funny I think it is that here we are in the midst of summer, a season when most of us have donned our bathing suits at a pool, beach, or even a water park.  Family, friends, and strangers have seen us, yet only a few have taken the ice bucket challenge in their bathing suits.  Some have kept the cover up on, but the majority are fully clothed men, women, and kids.  Is it more fun to get cold water dumped on you when you are dressed?  Oh and I love the individuals who are not only covering their body, but their hair as well.  The shower cap videos are great.

5. Milk Bottles – I am so excited to use these for a party I am having this weekend.  For several years, I have pondered when to use those cute vintage milk bottles that pop up all over pinterest, but I never seem to have a use.  I found one.  I will have pictures next week.milkbottle1 milkbottle milkflower


It has been a busy week so my content is a little light, but hopefully I will start to have more time to cook up some great new ideas for family meals and snacks.


* photos of milk bottles courtesy of,,



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