Happy Trail Mix Day!

Today is my lucky day. It is the day to celebrate one of my most favorite foods. It is national trail mix day AKA Mixture. Woo Hoo!
I am celebrating with a big bowl of this


 and we are enjoying a fun family tradition. 

The greatest part about mixture (trail mix) is how easy it is to prepare.  You really don’t need to measure and it does not matter if you never make it the same.  Whatever you have on hand can work, whether it be nuts, cereal, sesame sticks, raisins, dried apricots, banana chips, and chocolate chips.  It is quick, easy, portable, and can satisfy the sweet or salty tooth as well as providing a healthy dose of protein and fiber.  You can even boost your magnesium and vitamin C intake by including certain nuts and dried fruits.  

A great time saver and easy way to encourage healthier snacking is to make a big container and keep it on hand for those little hands whenever they get hungry.

What a great day it is, a holiday weekend, and we are taking advantage of it and heading to the mountains today. When Little Miss Mixture was two I got in my head I wanted to go apple picking. As a kid this was something we were able to do without trekking to far away from home. Mr. Mixture had never been apple picking so I was determined to find an orchard and begin a tradition.

I had no idea that my twenty minutes of research and finding what was one of the closer orchards though just over two hours away would be so awesome. We not only enjoyed ourselves but it took very little convincing to make this a new annual thing. Our dates keep changing as we have found varieties of apples were prefer, so now it is a matter of ensuring our schedule allows us the time to get to Skytop Orchard each year when those apples are ready to be picked. Sure you could drive to the orchard which sits beautifully atop a mountain in North Carolina and by some varieties from the store, but we really enjoy picking them ourselves. As Little Miss Mixture has gotten older she has taken to learning to climb the trees just as I did as a kid and still do to find the best apples.

So while we are picking apples and enjoying our picnic lunch ( Happy National Eat Outside Day!).  Why don’t you make some mixture and celebrate today as well.  You could also opt for celebrating with bacon today, as it is also National Bacon Day!  Uh Oh I better start figuring out how to incorporate that into our day as bacon is a true love of Little Miss Mixture.  I have seen her eat many unexpected things just because they included bacon.

Have a great day and you can be certain there will be some great ways to enjoy apples coming soon.


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