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DSC_8897 - Version 2Welcome, to Let’s have mixture.

My name is Jamey, and I am a Foodie, Mom, Wife, Dietitian. I love all things food. I collect recipes, pin recipes, read menus, cookbooks, try new recipes, try new restaurants, visit favorite restaurants. I am not a writer, but I am going to try and bring things to life on this blog. I hope to inspire or at least give my readers some ideas of things to include in their daily eating.  I believe in moderation and enjoying what you eat.  Healthy eating is important but so is having a positive outlook on food and the memories and enjoyment it can bring.

I have been tossing the idea of a blog around for quite some time and by now I might be a little late to the food blog world, but I like to think I bring some unique qualities to blogging.  I have a degree in dietetics and though I do not practice per se on a daily basis, I use my knowledge of nutrition each time I step into my kitchen.

I think I chose this career path because I did not think I could make a career out of broadcasting or dance, and my only other true passion was food. Well it is a good thing I picked dietetics as it proved to be a great fit for me.  It was not without some questionable moments by myself and others along the way (more about that another time and the specifics of the dean of my college asking my parents to convince me to change studies).

A lot has changed in the field of nutrition and dietetics since I got my start back in the 20th century. Really I am not that old yet, am I?

The one thing I still know is I still love food and it is a part of our lives everyday. Now some of you may not think about it as much as I do. Is it abnormal to think about meals and food from the minute I get up until I go to sleep and often when I lay awake at night as well. To me it is not and I love thinking about my next meal, what creative thing can I create today, or the next restaurant I am going to try.

Aside from food there are some important things in my life. I am happy to have a husband who has supported my on again off again working for the last few years. Thank goodness dietetics is a flexible field as it has allowed me to be with my daughter for the better part of the last 8 years. I am thankful for my daughter who is adventurous with trying new foods and seems to show an interest in food and cooking. The most recent addition to our family is a spunky puppy, Truffles. Yes you read right we named our dog after one of life’s little pleasures… a truffle. At the time she was named it was because she had a lot of different colors and she reminded me of a variety of chocolate. Yes, I am one of those people that need chocolate every day and I do not deprive myself of this. Her name was perfect in that she has a tendency to keep her nose to the ground outside as if she is digging for the other type of Truffles. If only I could take her to Italy and see if her nose is that good.

Well why a blog? As I mentioned before, I think about food a lot. I think I talk about it a lot too and when people find out you are a dietitian they love to pick your brain. Often it is the little things that people are amazed by that amazes me. I am not someone who cringes about packing school lunches or grocery shopping. In fact sign me up I would happily take on a job grocery shopping for others. If the store is not completely crazy due to some impending snow storm in our southern city, I actually enjoy grocery shopping and many days I visit not one but 2-3 just to get the items I want for the next few days. On multiple occasions when I offer food for people to try or get asked for recipes, people comment I should post these, so here it goes.

In addition to food, I have found recently I have a lot to say. I have always been opinionated and strong minded, so if you are easily offended you may want to stay aware as I may cover anything from food, nutrition, marketing, parenting, school things and whatever comes to my mind. I have always been someone who speaks their mind and have never worried what others think. In my opinion (because I have a lot) if you do not like what I have to say it is your choice to be my friend, but I am who I am and I am proud of it.

To help you understand where some of these opinions may come from here is a quick summary of who I am.

I grew up in fairly small southern cities.

I have a definite sweet tooth.

I am the product of a interfaith marriage.

I decided to go North to college, 12 hours away from home.

My parents have always supported my decisions and allowed me to be independent.

I have had a love for country music since high school.

I have learned to embrace the South and southern ways more as I get older.

I wanted to marry someone in a certain religion, yet we have very little religion in our home. It is more the traditions and the customs that are important to us.

I studied dietetics and claimed I would never work in a hospital or clinical setting, well the first part of that statement is true, but my first job was very clinical and I LOVED IT!

I have learned that a lot of things have always come easy to me.

I like to get involved, but often regret it afterward or become frustrated.

I want my daughter to enjoy her childhood and have happy memories like I do.

I may be a dietitian and I know a lot about healthy eating, but I LOVE sweets

I love to travel.

I am known for my desserts in some circles of friends

I love to cook, but enjoy being taking out on occasion, as we all need a break.

Some of my favorite foods which you will surely learn more about include pizza, mexican food, chocolate chip cookies.

So here’s to Let’s Have Mixture, and yes I have been snacking on a perfect combination of cashews, peanuts, walnuts, dried blueberries, raisins, dried cherries, and chocolate chips today. How else could I have written this much as I am not sure I have written quite this much about myself since my college essays.



Please be aware that any products, companies, etc. that are mentioned are done so on my own behalf.  I want to share experiences that my family and I have and pass along any insight that I can.

The ideas and opinions about food that I will present on this blog are mine. I may reference sources that I use for nutrition related information or recipes, but this blog is based on my experience with food and should not affiliated with any company or product that I mention.


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