Cherry Margarita


Cherry Season is short, so when I found out the local Whole Foods was having a one day sale, I decided to stock up.

Cherries are not exactly the neatest or easiest fruit to eat.  I am sure some children and adults have mastered it better than Let’s Have Mixture family.  I have learned that Little Miss Mixture does best if I go ahead and pit the cherries.  Remember the recently painted house, well I would prefer to keep things looking crisp rather than have them splattered with a nice red purple color.  I seem to make enough of a mess pitting them for the entire family anyway.  Cherry juice does not come out of clothing very easily.

As I stared at the bags of cherries I purchased, I knew we could not consume them all and I should probably freeze some for smoothies.  Well I have not yet frozen them as yet.  Once I pitted an entire bag (2.5 lbs), I got an idea to make a fun drink for Mr. Mixture and I.  It was Friday and it had been a long week.  My initial thought was a frozen mojito since I have a plethora of mint in my barrel outside, but margarita seemed more appropriate for taco night. Tonight I did exactly what I always say about taco night.  I make my own seasoning without any salt, so I Save the Salt for the margarita glass.  Indeed I did and it was worth it. We had margarita on the rocks, it was a perfect accompaniment to a summer taco night.  Possibly the only thing better would be a frozen cherry margarita – definitely adding to my recipe must try list.

Fresh Cherry Margarita 

2 oz. Lime Juice

2 oz. Water

1 Tbsp sweetener of choice

Mix together the lime juice, water, and sweetener for later use.  I used agave so there was no need to heat the mixture.  If using sugar, if will blend best if you heat the lime juice and water and stir in the sugar until dissolved.

25 Cherries – washed and pitted

2.5 oz. Tequila

2 oz. Triple Sec

Puree / liquify cherries until smooth in a blender or vitamix.  Then add the tequila and triple sec and the lime juice mixture.  Combine all in a blender.  Wet the rim of 2 glasses and dip in salt.  Then fill the glasses with ice and strain the drink over the glasses.  I recommend using a small mesh strainer or sieve.  Enjoy.

IMG_3421 IMG_3422 IMG_3423

* recipe was adapted from a recipe on Confections of a Foodie Bride.