Banana Bread in a Glass

We all know the most common thing to do with bananas that are getting soft is make banana bread, but most recipes call for at least 3.  I personally always use more.  Recently I used a banana for my Banana Whole Wheat Pancakes, but today I wanted something quick and easy to take on the go and this smoothie turned out better than expected. Oh how I missed my Vitamix when I was away.

Having been on a medjool date kick, I decided to toss my browning banana and a couple of dates into the Vitamix.  Toss in some milk and cinnamon and the end result tasted exactly like fresh banana banana bread.

Banana Bread Smoothie

1/2 banana

1/2 frozen banana

3 dates, pitted

1/3 cup milk

1/3 tsp. cinnamon

Blend all together and enjoy.


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Five Friday Finds

Friday marks the end to what can sometimes be five long days. Some weeks the five days go by way to quickly and I am not able to get everything done.  Don’t get me wrong I love my family, but I find I am much more productive around the house and with errands when I am on my own.  I am sure a lot of moms can concur.  A quick run to the store is not as easy or as quick when your accompanied by little ones or sometimes bigger ones asking ” can we get this.. how about this.. I have always wanted to try this..?” Regardless of how quickly the week passes and how peaceful it has been or how tortuous the days were waking up before the sun, getting through homework and the litany of activities, when Friday arrives I do take a breath and try to relax.  Family time has arrived again.

I am one of those people that starts their day the minute my feet hit to floor.  I am not a huge fan of the early morning wake up that must be a way of life with our school schedule, but when the alarm goes off or the dog starts to whine that is all I need to get me up.  Once up I am ready to tackle the day.  So on Friday mornings I try to enjoy my coffee and wrap up anything that I may still need to get done for the week so that I can enjoy the weekend with Little Miss Mixture and Mr. Mixture.

This morning as I geared up for the day, got lunch made for Little Miss Mixture, breakfast served and I kept pondering in my head “what should I write about today…”  In the last four days I have learned to enjoy my sharing of random thoughts and things.  As I said I love my alone time, but maybe I need to be heard more and this blog thing might just be the way to voice my ideas, opinions, and random thoughts.  I do know that not only does my day start the minute my feet hit the floor, but my mind never stops.  I am always thinking of the next recipe to make, meal to have, restaurant to try, project for the house, trip, and I have recently come to realize I have a lot of random thoughts throughout the day.  So what better way to end my first week of blogging (well not really a week, but four great days) than to provide five random finds.

1.  As I took to the internet this week, I have taken the time to read more blogs.  Some I occasionally visited before and others were great new finds.  There are so many interesting things to discover if only I had the time to sit and read everyones thoughts all day.  If you have not had a chance to visit some of these, you should.  Here are a couple of different ones that I enjoy,,,  http://www.pbfingers.com

2.  Mr. Mixture recently presented me with this nifty little product.  I have a habit of being hard on him sometimes and saying this like you “never notice” or “if you only paid attention.”  Truth be told I am sure he does pay attention at times, but this is the same guy who after six months asked me if that pillow was new on our sofa.  I often like this innocence as it does make it easier to sneak little things into the house without hime realizing.  However I guess he has been observant recently as I have been trying to keep recipes organized in an app and using my ipad to cook.  I received this random present the other day and I love it.  Perfect for the cook that is using a tablet.


3. As I mentioned in my about me, I try to eat healthy and instill healthy eating in our home. However, there are some battles that are more difficult than others.  Mr. Mixture grew up eating a lot of foods that I try not to have in our home.  Thus avoid taking Mr. Mixture to the store where he often tries to pick up these items.  Mr. Mixture and Little Miss Mixture both enjoy cereal for breakfast.  A little known fact about me I only eat cereal dry.  I am not sure how or when this habit began but I do know that I had an aversion to cheerios and literally would gag at the smell of them when I was a child, but I cannot recall ever being a big cereal and milk fan.  I do enjoy cereal in my mixtures.  Boxed cereals are not the healthiest item, but I found this little gem at Costco yesterday and wow did I score points.  They taste just like a certain major food companies cereal, but without all the unnecessary ingredients.Image 

4. Remember my post on Wednesday about the lost earring, well surprising enough Little Miss Mixture put the ziploc bag I put in her backpack to use.  She found the stone to her earring.  Talk about a find. It is so small and yet she found it, so off to the jewelry store I go today to get her earring repaired.

5. Dates.  I have always eaten dates on occasion and used them to make homemade Lara bars and several other healthier type recipes along the way, but this week I learned that I really like dates. This week favorite breakfast turned out to by my PBB&D smoothie 

Happy Friday!


PBB&D Smoothie

I got a vitamix a little less than a year ago.  I really had no intention of spending that amount of money on a blender.  I have always dabbled in the smoothie arena making them occasionally over the years.  However I had the standard kitchen aid blender that I got as a wedding gift.  It was great then and had always done exactly what I needed – make the occasional smoothie, frozen beverage, and gazpacho in the summer, so when it died last spring I thought nothing of it.  I went to that big box kitchen and home store that always offers coupons and I bought a replacement.  While at the store I browsed at the what I considered were overpriced blenders and thought to myself NEVER.  I LOVE kitchen gadgets and yes I do indulge and feel the need to in some, but for my less than 10 times a year use of the blender that is crazy.

A few days later I tried using my new blender and much to my dismay it would not even blenderize the frozen strawberries.  Frustrated I packed it up and took it back to the trusty big box that also has a great return policy.  Enough I figured oh well, we could do without smoothies and I would come up with a plan before it was tomato season.  Weeks went by and I made a couple of smoothies that turned out okay.  I happened to own a milkshake maker and two immersion blenders so when there is a will there is a way.  Then it happened I fell victim to the hype I was hearing about Vitamix from everyone using them on a daily basis and all the recipes I read online that required one.  So on my next visit to the warehouse store, I decided I would get one.  It just so happened they were having a demo that day so I got a personalized tutorial on how to use this powerful machine.  Swipe… I had done it purchased one of the most costly kitchen items ever.

Anxious to try my new machine, I stocked up on fruits, veggies, etc. The next morning WHOA the family was pleased.  We had smooth creamy concoctions.  I have continued to use the machine for various things, but primarily smoothies and we have tried a wide variety.  I personally am a lover of anything with peanut butter, which oddly enough I rarely ate as a kid, but now do not go more than a day or two without it.

Todays blend is a PBB&D smoothie.  I utilized the 1/2 of banana leftover from Little m’s breakfast, pitted 4 dates, added about 1/4 cup of milk, 2 chunks of frozen banana, and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter.  Turn that high powered machine on and 2 minutes later a creamy sweet treat.

A perfect start to the day, after the ubiquitous coffee.