National Spinach Day


Spinach is typically a staple in our house.

As a kid I remember my parents serving spinach steamed and possibly done in the pressure cooker. Remember I grew up in the South yet there are a number of southern foods that I never tried or was never introduced to until I was an adult. Spinach; however, I had eaten but only on occasion and rarely without chopped onions and vinegar atop.

Sometime in the last 20 years spinach has been revolutionized in my household and my parents. We eat it in, atop, or as the bed in a variety of dishes. I like spinach because it is more versatile than lettuce. If we end up having less salads than I planned that week, we’ll just toss it in a smoothie or sauté it and toss it in pasta, quesadillas, or anything else we may be eating before it wilts in the refrigerator. If I have spinach in the house then I may add a little extra green to just about anything, as it seems to be one of the greens that does not overpower other flavors.

A couple of weeks ago a friend dropped off a bunch of whole wheat lasagna noodles. Oddly enough this is an item that I have found difficulty finding on occasions and had just found it myself, but she was cleaning out gluten from her kitchen and I happily took her trash. So with the chill still in the air, I decided we would have lasagna this week.

My family does not have anyone particular diet/ food pattern that we keep, but luckily Mr. Mixture is agreeable to non meat focused meals. The last batch of lasagna I made was meat based, so in honor of National Spinach Day, I made a spinach based casserole.

I got a little creative and rather than sticking to my planned spinach and mushrooms, I tossed in some carrots and onions as well. I sautéed all the veggies lightly and then layered homemade tomato sauce, whole wheat noodles, my veggie mixture combined with ricotta, and topped with some mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

I will try and combine the different recipes I used and post this National Spinach Day creation.