PBB&D Smoothie

I got a vitamix a little less than a year ago.  I really had no intention of spending that amount of money on a blender.  I have always dabbled in the smoothie arena making them occasionally over the years.  However I had the standard kitchen aid blender that I got as a wedding gift.  It was great then and had always done exactly what I needed – make the occasional smoothie, frozen beverage, and gazpacho in the summer, so when it died last spring I thought nothing of it.  I went to that big box kitchen and home store that always offers coupons and I bought a replacement.  While at the store I browsed at the what I considered were overpriced blenders and thought to myself NEVER.  I LOVE kitchen gadgets and yes I do indulge and feel the need to in some, but for my less than 10 times a year use of the blender that is crazy.

A few days later I tried using my new blender and much to my dismay it would not even blenderize the frozen strawberries.  Frustrated I packed it up and took it back to the trusty big box that also has a great return policy.  Enough I figured oh well, we could do without smoothies and I would come up with a plan before it was tomato season.  Weeks went by and I made a couple of smoothies that turned out okay.  I happened to own a milkshake maker and two immersion blenders so when there is a will there is a way.  Then it happened I fell victim to the hype I was hearing about Vitamix from everyone using them on a daily basis and all the recipes I read online that required one.  So on my next visit to the warehouse store, I decided I would get one.  It just so happened they were having a demo that day so I got a personalized tutorial on how to use this powerful machine.  Swipe… I had done it purchased one of the most costly kitchen items ever.

Anxious to try my new machine, I stocked up on fruits, veggies, etc. The next morning WHOA the family was pleased.  We had smooth creamy concoctions.  I have continued to use the machine for various things, but primarily smoothies and we have tried a wide variety.  I personally am a lover of anything with peanut butter, which oddly enough I rarely ate as a kid, but now do not go more than a day or two without it.

Todays blend is a PBB&D smoothie.  I utilized the 1/2 of banana leftover from Little m’s breakfast, pitted 4 dates, added about 1/4 cup of milk, 2 chunks of frozen banana, and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter.  Turn that high powered machine on and 2 minutes later a creamy sweet treat.

A perfect start to the day, after the ubiquitous coffee.