A Cheering Up Mixture

Well it was just one of those days that we needed a little something extra in our mixture.  Something sweet and not so good for us.  I am a firm believer everything in moderation.  If you need some chocolate, dark is always my first choice, but sometimes you just have to embrace the season and the contents of the pantry.

Over the weekend the avid reader in the house had breezed through a new chapter book in a little over 36 hours and desperately wanted to make the recipe from the book.  I struck a deal.  If she accompanied me on a couple of quick errands, we could get her the necessary ingredients and she could make Cookie Pizza.  Please realize this was a very easy deal to get since my biggest weakness  is the chocolate chip cookie.  Go ahead and walk away now if you cannot agree that chocolate chip cookie dough may be the one processed food that could never be taken away.  As I said before I am who I am and that is that. I may be a dietitian, but I love cookie dough and pretty much anything chocolate or sweet.

I can honestly admit that I did not know that the blue tube of chocolate chip cookie dough could be cooked until probably high school.  I have memories of making homemade chocolate chip cookies at least once a winter with the family, but cookie dough well that was an off and on staple when dad travelled.  To this day mom and I still love to take a big knife out and whack a hunk of dough and indulge.

My tastes have grown in a lot of ways since I was a kid, but I still feel the best chocolate treat ever is a warm chocolate chip cookie. Oh and when I say warm and gooey I truly mean it. To Mr. Mixture they are still raw because they are so undercooked.  I believe I have actually perfected the art of undercooking enough that if I let the cookie sit for about 5-10 minutes it will be perfect.  So when the lovely little lady of the house presents a recipe for cookie dough rolled out as a pizza and topped with marshmallows and m&m’s, I caved.

We perfectly undercooked the cookie pizza and I have been enjoying it for several days now.

However this afternoon was just one of those days when it looks pretty out, but really we are just lucky to see the sun as it is still a brisk 40 something.  I picked up the little lady at school and she held her tears until she was securely in the car and then they streamed down her face.  It was just girl drama nothing more and probably a little of a rite of passage in growing up, she lost her first earring.  I felt bad for her as it was one of the nicer ones that she has, but after I helped her search around her desk and explained it happens and we can replace it, she needed something to cheer her up.  Thus the pre made container of homemade mixture (walnuts, cashews, peanuts, dried cherries, dried blueberries, raisins, and semi sweet chocolate chips) just was not enough.  

So we tossed in a few yogurt covered raisins and some of the Easter M&M’s leftover from her Cookie Pizza recipe.  


A cheerful mixture made it better!Image