Monday’s Mixture

Image 1We are one week into our new school and it seems as if rather than having more time on my hands, I am in a complete whirlwind.  I am sure it will settle down, but it may take a few weeks as there is so much going on with parent meetings at school, new after school activity schedules to get accustom to, etc.  Big sigh of relief.  The first week went well and I am sure by February I will find extra time on my hands since I am sure to get accustom to the new routine and then realize I am on a time crunch for getting organized for family birthdays and holidays.  Thankfully I had a big container of mixture to help get us through the busy week.


1.  What We Are Eating ( August 17 – August 23)

Sunday – Tuna Salad Cold Plate, Vegetables a & dip, Fruit

Monday – Lemon Chicken, Sautéed Squash & Fennel, Cottage Cheese & Tomato Salad

Tuesday – Spinach and Mushroom Quesadillas

Wednesday – Bacon Cheddar Burger Patties, Grilled Okra, Watermelon, & Pickles

Thursday – Ladies Night for me, Mr. Mixture & LIttle Miss Mixture had Tuna Melts on Naan Bread, Vegetables & Dip

Friday – Tomato Mozzarella Salad, Shrimp Scampi over Whole Wheat Angel Hair

Saturday – Cheese & Red Pepper Nachos

2.  Pickles – A couple of weeks ago I saw this post on Smitten Kitchen.  I grew up eating cucumbers marinated in a vinegar type solution, but I never thought of them as pickled.  Little Miss Mixture loves pickles but I am not a fan of most of the store bought ones anymore.  I gave this recipe a try, cutting it in half and using less salt.  The revised post on smitten kitchen now indicates less salt.  These are so easy and so good.

3. Back to School Party – Since Little Miss Mixture entered Kindergarten I have had a back to school party for her class.  It is a simple get together just before school starts.  This year I swapped out the juice boxes and muffins for smoothies to accompany the doughnuts and fruit.  The plastic BPA free bottles I found at  worked perfectly .   I had three smoothies Peachy Watermelon, Tinkerbell (my version with coconut milk and fresh pineapple), and a Berry Blast.


4. Hummus – I have a couple tried and true hummus recipes that I have for years.  However a lot of times I just create them as I go based on herbs I have in the refrigerator or my garden barrels.  Little Miss Mixture asked for hummus and carrots for snack at school this week.  Yes I am smiling as I love some of the healthy items she has asked for and you better believe I will get some made before tomorrow.  This is a great chart for ideas and ratios to make different hummus flavors.

5. Projects – I am enjoying this whole blog thing, but like other things it is a hobby and a project to me.  As the new school year is beginning and the rush of the holiday season starts, I just realized I am really behind on my other projects.  How can it be almost a year since our big birthday trip for Little Miss Mixture?  Worse yet how is it I have not made the picture book yet.  Anyway as I will continue to blog and make my readers aware of What we are eating and recipes worth trying, but I am going to have to get back on track with other projects before another busy season passes me by.  I would love to hear from my readers as to what really interest you.  Breakfast food, Snacks, School Lunch ideas, Weeknight Dinners, Desserts.Image


Monday Mixture

It is here the official start of the summer season.

I hope everyone is celebrating and has enjoyed time with family and friends over this long weekend.  We did have some friends over for dinner one evening and I had planned to sit by the pool and enjoy the weekend the start of summer, but instead I had some last minute travel plans.  While I will be taking the week off from my own kitchen, here is what we had this week.

1. What we ate May 19 – 24, 2014

Monday – MEATLESS MONDAY – Zucchini Feta Walnut Cakes over greens

Tuesday – Breakfast for Dinner with fruit salad

Wednesday – Ceasar Salad with Grilled Chicken

Thursday – Tortellini with Snap Pea and Pesto

Friday – Grilled Squash, Red Pepper &  Pizza

Saturday – Flank Steak, Grilled Radicchio & Fennel, Grilled Corn Salad

2. My recipe Must Make List  – A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Chicken Broccoli Mac with Bacon.  In the post, I discussed how Little Miss Mixture took the liberty of going through an entire magazine and marking all the recipes she wanted to try.  So I took this as a challenge as I am a list maker.  Over the years I have made many list of meal ideas, recipe try list, etc.  Well I decided to formalize her list and combine it with a couple of my own I found stashed away in my files.  You can find my Must Try List on this page.  Periodically as we try new recipes I will post them and provide our comments and thoughts along with the recipe. 

3. Top food trends of 2014 – recently I have been reading different articles online and I love the random “shares” that appear on my Facebook news feed regarding 10 best or 10 worst …  Earlier this year the National Restaurant Association indicated the Top 5 and Top 10 trends in food as well as Top 5 alcohol.  All the list included items such as locally sourced, artisan, sustainable.  Thus bringing awareness to our health and eating differently.  Yet the Huffington post had this the other day.  Where are these trends taking place?

4. Happy 1 year Anniversary to me and having a Vitamix.  I can honestly say I have enjoyed it.  Here are some of the recipes I have made with it recently.

Cinco De Mayo SmoothieBanana_Bread_Smoothie.JPG

Cinco De Mayo Smoothie


Banana Bread in a Glass


I will be posting some of my favorite Vitamix recipes in the next few weeks.

5.  Stocking Up – As the farmers markets are getting in full swing and the local fruit and vegetables are plentiful.  Do not forget to buy ahead.  Purchase more than you can eat and properly wash and freeze it so that you can enjoy fresh local food throughout the year.  I am not a big freezer person, but I do find it beneficial in healthy eating to stock up on fruits and vegetables.  Here is a link to “how to freeze” .  The link references blueberries but I have found this method works well with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and okra.

Have a great week and enjoy.  Summer is almost here!