Eating on the Road

When you leave to go on a trip from the comforts of your own home you take your time you organize and you make sure you have everything.  Last week when I headed out I was stocked with water, mixture, kind bars, a couple organic apples, squeezable applesauce, peanut butter, bread, snap peas, local honey, bags of dried fruit, bags of nuts, and some whole wheat flour tortillas.

I also packed lunch for the ride itself I am a peanut butter and jelly fan.  My preference is Bonne Mamam raspberry on whole grain bread.  Little Miss Mixture is a peanut butter, honey, and raisin fan.  This is in fact her signature sandwich which she consumes several times a week. I had some cut up broccoli and snap peas as well.

Now six days later the stash was low and we were ready to head home.  I still had a couple kind bars and my peanut butter and honey.  So as we make our way back home we travel a slightly different road.  I find it is easier to stop and get food rather than buying more bread or anything perishable that will have to endure a lengthy ride.  However in recent years I have avoided the fast food restaurants during our trip. It is not even hard to avoid as I truly have no interest or taste for what they are serving.  The last thing I want when driving is to consume an exhorbitant amount of calories from processed food and feel sluggish and full.  

Occasionally we may have Chick Fil A if in the right part of the country and one can be found.  Though not healthy, some options are better than others and this really is the only chicken nugget that Little Miss Mixture will eat.  

The trip we made today is not new to us and I feel as if I have learned how to time it so our stops are easy.

Starbucks for coffee and juice.  I may grab a banana and having our occasional non healthy breakfast when traveling makes everyone happy, so starbucks pastry or a previously picked out item for Little Miss Mixture and Mr. Mixture if he is on the trip as well.

Lunch tends to be Panera Bread, as It tends to have healthier feel good options.  Today’s journey I had the Mediterranean veggie sandwich on wheat.  I was taken back when Little Miss Mixture did not want anything but rather requested I buy her bread and make her signature sandwich.  My sandwich, her bread, and Iced Green Tea and we headed back to the car for quick assembly and continued on our travels home.

Mid afternoon refuel included water and Kind bars. Today we had dark chocolate nuts with sea salt and dark chocolate cherry cashew with antioxidants.

Home by dinner time, which on this particular day was even easier because Mr. Mixture was home and we put him in charge  of dinner.  No home cooked meal will be prepared as that is not his forte, but we all deserve a break, so no complaints.

What is your fuel for the ride?  Do you pack your own food for road trips, so as to eat healthier?

Do you have some different food rules or thoughts when traveling or away from home? 

I find it comforting in a way that even at an early age our family ways have helped mold Little Miss Mixtures choices.  I do not think she feels as if she is missing out by not having fast food.  She never asks to go to these establishments and on the rare occasion she request chick Fil A, especially when traveling we try to accommodate.  Very much like her mom she truly enjoys other items so if we are going to eat something not as good as fruits and vegetables and whole grains than bring on the pastries, cookies, and other sweets.

I hope that my journey with food will help inspire some of my readers when making every day choices for themselves and their families.  So often in our busy lives we overlook simple changes.  My trip is over, so I promise to include recipes soon. 

* photo of Mediterranean Sandwich is credited to Panera Bread Website.