What is Mixture

What you really need to know in order to understand my love of food is why I titled this blog “let’s have mixture”
First of all “mixture” is a combination of nuts, dried fruit, and varying other components depending on the day. I do not know how the name came to be in my childhood home, but it was “Mixture” not trail mix, gorp, or any of a number of other names. So in my house today that is what we call it as well. To me “Mixture” is the perfect food. I can eat mixture for any meal or as a snack to hold me over.

Basically what makes a “mixture” depends on my mood, my pantry, etc. Typically there is at least two types of nuts, some dried fruit, maybe some dry cereal, maybe chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, marshmallows, or whatever snack food might catch my eye. As a person who studied nutrition I have always believed in food and luckily only recently in life needed to watch what I ate. In my opinion “mixture” has the perfect combination of protein, fiber, sweet, and salty and is in fact a staple in my diet. Is it healthy, well it hasn’t killed me yet.

I felt Let’s have mixture was a perfect name for this blog, since as you will learn I am quite opinionated and I will probably over the course of time cover a lot of topics, not just food. Life to me is what is it because there are a mix of people in this world, a mix of opinions, beliefs, and taste in things. Thus in addition to the phrase being spoken in our house daily, it just made since.


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